30 years on '“ the search for Brid kids

In 1988, a Bridlington anthem was created which led to hundreds of local schoolchildren appearing on national TV.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 12:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 12:15 pm
Robin Tait wrote the original music for Children Are The Future. Picture by Paul Atkinson

The Brid Kids are now all the other side of 40, but they will be getting together later this year to sing Children Are The Future one more time.

Ahead of September’s reunion, an appeal has been launched to find anyone who was involved with the original recording, which ended up being used as the official song of the Blue Peter annual appeal.

The cover of the original record

Music teacher Robin Tait wrote the music for the song. He recalls: “There was a very go-ahead primary school headmaster called Mike Ashford at New Pasture Lane and we had an arts festival every year.

“He organised for all the schools to get together and have a performance night.

“They all did a performance on their own but Mike was looking for something to finish off the night.

“Myself and a colleague Alann Barrett wrote a song, took it round all the schools and they rehearsed it.

The cover of the original record

“It went down very well with 700 children performing it on the night and people said we needed to take it further and make a record with it.

“We got in touch with a recording studio in Scarborough and made an old 45 vinyl single. It got played on local radio and on regional TV.”

But then things suddely escalated. “I got a phone call in the summer holidays of 1988 from a producer at the BBC,” said Robin.

“It ended with 200 children going down on four coaches to London on October 6. It was all very exciting.

“All the children performed live on TV and got a Blue Peter badge. The programme was a big deal in those days.”

To mark the 30th anniversary, a few of the original chor members suggested a reunion.

It will take place at the Spa on September 30.

A Facebook group called BridKids Reunited has been set up and the performers are invited to take their own children along to sing the song.

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