24 words you'll know if your Grandma is from Yorkshire

Does your grandma allus get mafted in the hot weather?

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 4:45 pm
Updated Wednesday, 23rd June 2021, 4:46 pm

There are plenty of words and phrases common to older people in Yorkshire that are falling out of fashion with younger generations. Here are some of the most well-known ones - does you grandma say any of these?

1) Allus

Meaning: Always. Example: "I allus go the chip shop for my tea on Fridays."

North Yorkshire landscape. Picture: JPI Media/James Hardisty

2) Back end

Meaning: Autumn. Example: "We'll not be going away until back end when places are less busy."

3) 'Appen

Meaning: Perhaps. Example: "'Appen it'll rain this weekend."

4) Bairn

Meaning: Child. Example: "That bairn will get cold without a coat on."

5) Fettle

Meaning: To make, tidy or fix. Example: "Your granddad's just fettling the engine on his lawnmower in the garage."

6) Gansey

Meaning: A hand knitted woollen jumper worn by fishermen.

7) Flittin'

Meaning: To move house frequently. Example: "Our Jane is flittin' again this weekend so I'm going over to help her."

8) Silin'

Meaning: Raining heavily. Example: "Get inside quickly it's silin' it down out there."

9) Yon/Yonder

Meaning: Over there. Example: "What's that I've spotted yonder?"

10) Yan

Meaning: One. Example: "Gimme yan of them buns."

11) Rum

Meaning: Cheeky/ a bit of character. Example: "Ooh she's a rum lass that one."

12) Maftin'

Meaning: Hot and clammy weather. Example: "It's maftin' out there I best stay indoors today."

13) Liggin'

Meaning: To lie about lazily. Example: "I hope you don't think you're going to be liggin' in bed all day."

14) Cack-handed

Meaning: Left handed, or, clumsy. Example: "I'm so cack-handed these days I'm 'allus dropping something."

15) Flaggin'

Meaning: Getting tired. Example: "I've been walking around Scarborough all day and I'm flaggin' now."

16) Lowence

Meaning: A snack whilst working, particularly for farmers.

17) Sup

Meaning: To drink. Example: "Sup up it's your round."

18) Hacky

Meaning: Dirty or sticky. Example: "Let's get this kitchen side cleaned up it's hacky as owt."

19) Yam

Meaning: Home. Example: "I'm off yam it's getting late."

20) Rangum

Meaning: Rubbish. Example: "The bottom of my handbag's full of bits of rangum."

21) Gander

Meaning: To have a look. Example: "Take a gander at my flowerbeds I've been fettlin' them all morning."

22) Int' puddin' club

Meaning: Pregnant.

23) Black bright

Meaning: Filthy. Example: "Our Tony was black bright when he came off the footy pitch."

24) The pictures

Meaning: The cinema. Example: "Me and your mum went to the pictures when we were courting."