Review: Kindly Leave the Stage, Spotlight Theatre, Bridlington

Kindly Leave the Stage cast
Kindly Leave the Stage cast

This is a farce which could have been subtitled ‘Oops There Goes The Play’. There are no vicars caught in compromising positions or tarts in wardrobes.

Instead there’s a cuckolded actor running riot with a knife, an alcoholic fading star and a supporting actress in love with her co-star.

The actors interrupt the so-so farce they are all starring – and hostilities, rivalries and ribaldry ensue. It is a play within a play which gives truth to the cliche life is stranger than fiction.

There are some juicy roles for members of Spotlight Theatre to get their teeth into.

Mad, bad and dangerous to know Charles is played at full throttle by Alec Idle who terrorises his love-rival Rupert – Dave Duffill tones it down in contrast.

Joan Sanders and Claire Tiddy really let rip when it comes to what the leading ladies really think of each other and Liz Edwards is great as the old stager.

Jennie Lanham has a lovel ly cameo as the prompt and similarly Lynda Musgrave almost steals the show as th St John Ambulance nurse.

But that honour goes to Mel Jones as Edward. He is magnificent as the once leading man who staggers on drunk and is the only one who believes the cast is still doing the original play. He breaks into King Lear at any opportunity and laments his former glories.

Pamela Dalley directs with a firm hand.

Kindly Leave the Stage runs at the Spotlight Theatre, West Street Bridlington, on Friday February 19 and Saturday February 20 at 7.30pm