Review: Dave Spikey at Brid Spa

Dave Spikey
Dave Spikey

In a bid to prove that jokes can still be funny even if you’re privy to the punchlines in advance, Chorley comedian Dave Spikey had the Bridlington audience in hysterics from the off.

Well-known for high-profile TV turns on “Phoenix Nights” and “8 out of 10 Cats,” Spikey possesses an enviable way with words, his love of wordplay providing the basis for many of his gags… and the dafter the gags, the funnier they proved to be.

Given that Dave spent more than twenty years working for the NHS, it’s surprising that more of his material doesn’t stem from his days as a Biomedical Scientist. To the contrary, the bulk of his material is more topical in nature, one particular “sketch” focused on a recent holiday that he’d “enjoyed” in Rhodes.

A man of the people, Dave’s sense of humour is firmly rooted in the North, his frequent references to different businesses and road-names in Chorley inferring that he’s beyond proud to live there.

A natural raconteur, Dave oozes confidence. He also oozes gags, the sheer quantity that he’s able to dispense in a two-hour show simply staggering.

As fast-talking as he is self-effacing, Dave wields as much power as a master-magician, casting mystifying spells with his words.

While he steers clear of “blue” material, some of his material can only be classed as “hilariously crude” in a lighthearted “Dumb & Dumber”-styled vein.

Still, in spite of the crude nature of such “diversions,” Dave has amassed loyal fans of all ages over the past twenty-five years as a stand-up, the age-range of Spa audience-members stretching between 20 and 80 years old.

Passionate enough about language to dissect and analyse it, Dave has come to view newspaper headlines as punchlines in themselves, so much so that a section of his show is dedicated to his reading-aloud of some of the quirkiest stories that he’s either found himself or had sent to him over the past few years. Song lyrics also interest him – even more so if they lack integrity. Indeed, for his encore, he returned to the stage in order to poke fun at “silly” lyrics sung by the likes of Des’ree and Roy Orbison.

Spikey might not be as visual as Joe Pasquale, but he’s undeniably as silly and off-the-wall with his irresistible brand of comedy. What’s more, he could clearly talk for England, as evidenced when he checked his watch to discover that he was running “over,” his tendency to dart off on tangents having made his show go on for longer than intended.

Still, had delighted audience-members had their way, they’d have permitted Dave to chat all night, the “entertainment” factor of his show unfaultable.