REVIEW: An Evening of One-act Plays, Spotlight, Bridlington

A scene from The Other Half
A scene from The Other Half

Straight away I have to declare an interest – one of the plays on the bill, The Other Half, is mine.

I won’t comment any further than to say the story of one half of a double act was brought wonderfully to life by the cast, especially Mel Jones as the lead character, and it was a genuine thrill to see it performed.

It lent a bitter-sweet taste to a programme which was dark – holocaust, rape, cancer, death and loneliness were some of the themes.

There was a touch of lightness with Sweet Dalliance, a short and sweet two-hander by Helen Spence and Leslie Penrose, about a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.

The sketch Botox Beauty by Michel Petty also brought a touch of light and levity to the proceedings.

Hand on Heart (Anon) was a heart-breaker of a love story between guard and inmate, Huff and Puff by Shari Gledhill was the stuff of nightmares – a group of victims reek revenge on a rapist.

Shari’ s other contribution Last Chance Saloon was a real tease, keeping the audience guessing to the very end.

Helen Spence’s solo play Man of His Word was also a bitter-sweet drama about a cleaner and her employer.

The evening was billed as rehearsed readings but all the plays were performed complete with set and props.

The actors did us playwrights proud. They put hard work and professionalism into staging all seven contributions – which were testament to the imagination and invention that is out there.