Bridlington theatre company appeals for trunk

Alec Idle prepares for his role in Kindly Leave the Stage
Alec Idle prepares for his role in Kindly Leave the Stage

The search is on to find a super-sized trunk big enough to fit a body inside.

But this isn’t for criminal purposes, this is all in the name of creating a theatrical production.

The Spotlight Theatre’s drama section needs the trunk as a vital prop for its spring presentation Kindly Leave the Stage, a comedy which opens next month.

So they’re asking the public to scour their lofts, garages and garden sheds in the hope that one comes to light.

The trunk needs to be extra-large in order to fit actor Alec Idle inside who, when he isn’t squashed into a box, is a strapping six footer.

Director Pamela Dalley said: “Alec is perfect for the role but at almost 6ft tall, it’s proving tricky to find a trunk he can fit into.

The script calls for him to be shut in the trunk for some considerable time but we can’t close the lid on the trunk we have without doing him serious damage.”

Kindly Leave the Stage, by John Chapman, is a comedy about life imitating art as actors in a play let their personal problems take over a performance.

Among the cast are acting stalwarts Elizabeth Edwards, Mel Jones, David Duffill and Linda Musgrave as well as newcomers Alec Idle and Jennie Lanham.

Claire Tidy and Joan Sanders complete the company.

The production runs from Tuesday February 16 to Saturday February 20, daily at 7.30pm.

Anyone with a trunk they think is suitable should call the theatre on Bridlington (01262) 601006.