School puts on three plays

NPL School'Christmas Play Dress Rehersals'PA1150-10c'Year 1 & 2
NPL School'Christmas Play Dress Rehersals'PA1150-10c'Year 1 & 2

Children at New Pasture Lane School took to the stage last week as three groups put on superb plays in front of proud parents.

Both the school’s foundation years aged three and four, and the Infants aged six and seven put on nativity performances, whilst the Juniors aged between seven and eleven performed a Hansel and Gretel pantomime.

NPL School'Christmas Play Dress Rehersals'PA1150-10e'Juniors

NPL School'Christmas Play Dress Rehersals'PA1150-10e'Juniors

The 40 children from the foundation group performed their nativity, entitled Sleepy Shepherds, last Wednesday at the school.

The Infants group put on two performances of their play last Tuesday and Wednesday, which featured singing and dancing.

The 40-strong infants group had been practising for about three weeks and the children were praised for the way everybody remembered their lines.

The 75 Junior pupils at the school put on their pantomime of the childrens classic Hansel and Gretel last Tuesday and Wednesday, in front of a large crowd of parents and teachers.

The Junior pupils spent about five weeks practising for the performances which also featured musical and dance numbers.

Altogether around 155 pupils were involved in the Christmas performances, with teaching assistants creating the costumes and sets.

Headteacher Alison Tadman said: “The hall was absolutely packed for the performances and all the children have done really well.

“It was wonderful to see all the children taking part with everyone either performing or being involved in the production of the plays.

“I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who have helped the children and to the parents for making the effort to come and support us, even in the terrible weather.”