Will Toby and pals make live finals?

Toby, pictured far left, and his bandmates from Made Up North
Toby, pictured far left, and his bandmates from Made Up North

They’ve got through the first audition – but can Toby McTurk and his bandmates make it in to the Britain’s Got Talent live finals?

Millions of viewers saw the 11-year-old from Bridlington perform with his group Made Up North and get a ‘yes’ from all four judges.

Toby McTurk

Toby McTurk

This weekend, the show will reveal whether the young musicians have made the cut for the next stage.

“It was surreal, you look into the auditorium and can’t believe it’s your little boy on the stage,” said mum Lianne, after they wowed the judges, including Simon Cowell, in Manchester with a performance of the Elton John song Electricity.

“But he is taking it all in his stride. He just comes alive 
on stage.

“Everybody was talking to him about being on TV at school on Monday but he had assessments so he got his head down and got on with it.”

The Made Up North boys

The Made Up North boys

Toby went to Bay Primary School in Bridlington before earning a scholarship at Scarborough College.

He began dancing at Colette Tyler’s school in Bridlington when he was six and both his parents, Lianne and Adam, have been involved in amateur dramatics locally.

“I never used to get nervous on stage but I had sweaty palms watching him,” said Lianne.

Toby met the other members of the band, who are from across the North of England, through a mutual singing teacher.

“They are just a group of friends, five lovely lads who get on very well,” she added.