REVIEW: Stereophonics at Bridlington Spa

Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones

Two days before the 20th anniversary of the release of their first album, the Stereophonics took a break from a summer of festivals to play at Bridlington Spa.

While many of the bands who found fame at the same time, have fallen away or fallen out, the Welsh band continue to thrive.

Other groups from the era of Britpop and Cool Britannia can only be heard trotting out their one good album at nostalgia-type gigs, but Stereophonics seem to be as popular as ever.

Their Spa show sold out in under two hours and 3,800 fans, who like the music have moved from Radio One to Radio Two down the years, were rewarded with a collection of their finest songs from the past two decades.

With forthcoming single Caught By The Wind out of the way early on, singer Kelly Jones promised the audience a ‘sing song’ and turned to earlier favourites, like Pick A Part That’s New, Have A Nice Day and Vegas Two Times, which sounded as good as ever.

Much of the gold to be mined from their extensive back catalogue comes from the first four albums, and it was the older hits which sounded the best.

Jones is every inch a rock star, a fan of black clothing much more than he is of chatting to the crowd. Although even he admitted that he was sweltering in the heat of a packed Spa Royal Hall like everyone watching.

A lull during the middle part of the gig was suddenly livened up by a breathtaking drum solo by Jamie Morrison, and after that it was radio favourites all the way, with Just Looking, Maybe Tomorrow and I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio all gettting an airing.

Long-time fans may have hoped the anniversary of their debut Word Gets Around might have prompted more than just three of the 12 tracks from what remains their best album.

But the quality of A Thousand Trees and Local Boy In The Photographs when they appeared late in the set made up for it.

More classics followed in the encore and a brilliant evening was rounded off with Dakota, complete with backing vocals from 3,800 very hot and happy fans.