From drummer boy to budding rock star for Bridlington teenager

Bridlington drummer Kyden Woodhead in action on stage at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough.
Bridlington drummer Kyden Woodhead in action on stage at the Open Air Theatre in Scarborough.

A BRIDLINGTON teenager has taken one step closer to having his dream of becoming a professional drummer come true after he played a gig in front of a 4,000 strong crowd.

Kyden Woodhead, of Marton Road has gone from playing the drums in front of friends and family as a small boy to wowing the crowds at Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre, a huge leap for the 17-year-old who has now set his sights on becoming a professioanl session drummer.

Kyden may have only joined the five-piece band ‘Shame On Me’ seven months ago but over a week ago he took to the stage at Scarborough’s Big Night Out, sharing the bill with the likes of Amelia Lily, The Risk and The Mend.

And just days ago Kyden and his band were invited to support top boyband JLS at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

“I met the Risk and The Mend, it was just amazing to get such support from all the staff and the crowd there,” said Kyden who is a student at Scarborough Music College.

“We have done smaller pub gigs before but this was one of the biggest ones I have done, there were about 4,000 people in the crowd,” he added.

Kyden was inspired to pick up a set of drumsticks after watching Travis Barker, the drummer in the band Blink 182, in action on the MTV music channel.

His dream of making a career out of drumming stems from the inspiration of his drum tutor, York based session drummer Dave Hardy.

Kyden, who has passed his rock school exams and has a cymbal sponsored by Scarborough based Guitar Galleries, has plenty oif support from his friends anbd family.

“It’s really good, they go to enjoy themselves and come along and support me,” he said.

On Saturday Kyden and the band were invited at the last minute to step in the to support JLS ahead of their show at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre, as it looked unlikely that their pre-arranged support act could make it.

But the original band did arrive in time for the show, but given their recent success it looks unlikely that this is the last we have heard of Shame on Me.