Danny from The Script delights young fan after Bridlington concert

When young Martha Cowton wrote a message on the beach to her pop idol, little did she imagine she would be meeting him hours later.

Martha and her mum Liz had travelled from their home in Halifax on Friday for The Script concert at The Spa Bridlington.

The Script at the Bridlington Spa

The Script at the Bridlington Spa

During the afternoon Martha formed the words “Danny I love you” with pebbles on the South Beach below The Spa and she was thrilled when The Script lead singer Danny O’Donogue looked out of a window at The Spa and spotted her message.

Liz said: “We shouted to Danny and pointed to the message and when he saw it he signed back to us ‘I love you’ by making a heart with his fingers.

“Martha was so excited.”

It got even more exciting for Martha when, after the concert, she and her mum joined scores of other fans who waiting for the band to leave the building.

After a wait of more than two hours the hardy fans were rewarded when band members Danny, Glen Power and Mark Sheehan emerged from the Spa to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

And Martha received special attention from Danny when her mum pointed out who she was.

Danny hugged Martha and told her: “I like your outfit, I should have worn that.”

As well as signing his autograph for her, he then wrote her a message of his own, saying: “Thanks for the pebbles.”

It was certainly a day and night to remember for Martha.

Liz said: “This was the first time she’d seen The Script, in fact it was her first concert. It is an early ninth birthday present for her because her birthday is on the 21st.”

She said the pair were spending the weekend in Bridlington and she was full of praise for The Spa Bridlington.

“The venue is fantastic, you can see the stage - it’s not just a dot in the distance. You really feel part of the concert here and it was so exciting.”

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