Jack The Ripper event at the Spa for Hallowe’en

Jack the Ripper - A 21st Century Investigation
Jack the Ripper - A 21st Century Investigation

A two-hour show hosted by Trevor Marriott, Jack the Ripper – A 21st Century Investigation comes to the Spa, Bridlington, on Thursday 31 October at 7.30pm.

Trevor is a retired British Police murder squad detective, and leading Ripper expert who, since 2002, has been conducting a cold case investigation into the Whitechapel Murders of 1888 which were attributed to a fearsome killer who came to be known as Jack the Ripper.

During the show Trevor will talk about and describe his lengthy investigation and disclose the new startling results.

His one-man show is packed with pictures from 1888 showing original crime scene photographs of the victims, the suspects together with many other original photographs from 1888 relative to the murders...

For the past 125 years this mystery has captivated the imagination of people worldwide and still does today. So much so that the topic of Jack the Ripper is now included in the school curriculum for key stage three history at upper/secondary school level.

There have been more than 100 books published and numerous films and television documentaries. Many have over dramatised and distorted the facts to the point that the public now accepts the fiction more readily than the facts.

Trevor Marriott has now concluded his long and protracted cold case investigation with startling results which now have completely dispelled many of the original theories which have been readily accepted.