Housebound at Spotlight

GAGGING ORDER: housebound
GAGGING ORDER: housebound

JIM is sixty-eight, stressed and ready to snap.

At what? Anything; noisy neighbours, speeding cars, kids hanging about on the street corners.

You name it, he’ll moan about it; it’s the one thing he’s good at. He makes Victor Meldrew look like an amateur.

And doesn’t his wife Lucy know it? Stuck at home with him rabbiting on every day and nowhere to escape to, she’s housebound.

And every day is starting to blend into every other, until one Halloween, when a rash act changes everything.

Maybe this time Lucy sees an opportunity to change things for good.

Maybe this time Jim really does have something to be fed up about.

And maybe the moaning coming from the cellar has nothing to do with the rising damp.

Housebound is a comedy for anyone who ever felt frustrated but didn’t know what to do once they were.

Presented by Reform Theatre Company and written by Nick Lane, Housebound comes to the Spotlight Theatre, on West Street, tomorrow, Friday, November 25, at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £7.50 adults and £4 children, available from Bridlington Blinds and Curtains, top of Bridge Street or from 601006.