First healthy takeaway opens in town

Roan Stanley and Shane Green
Roan Stanley and Shane Green

Bridlington’s newest takeaway opened on Monday and sold out of all its food on the first day.

But it wasn’t pizzas and kebabs which were heading out the door - because the Fit Pit is the town’s first healthy takeaway.

Shane Green at the Fit Pit

Shane Green at the Fit Pit

The premises in Promenade is trying to encourage people to swap burgers for lower-calorie options

Owner Shane Green is a member of Bridlington Boxing Club and is used to watching his weight.

“I come from a weight-driven sport but I also know that when you have been working all day or got home from the gym, it’s easy to phone for a pizza because you don’t want to cook.”

The takeaway offers DIY food boxes where customers choose from a range of freshly cooked meat or fish, a portion of pasta or rice, and plenty ofsalad and vegetables, with low-calorie sauces and seasoning.

They also serve up breakfasts such as fresh fruit and yogurt, porridge pots and smoothies. I have had this in mind for about 18 months but finally taken a leap of faith and the feedback has been unbelievable.

“People like getting a really customised meal,” said Shane.

The Fit Pit has created work for six members of staff and he only used local tradesmen to convert it from its former use as a beauty salon.

He is also buying in all his food from Bridlington-based butchers and greengrocers.

Shane is hoping to extend its services to phone orders and eventually home delivery in the future.

The business’ location was deliberately chosen to take advantage of fitness fans visiting the new East Riding Leisure centre across the road.