Find out more about Bridlington’s cooking stars

Betty, Dan and Jean are hoping to win top spot in tonight's final
Betty, Dan and Jean are hoping to win top spot in tonight's final

Tonight’s the night for the Charles family, as they compete in the final of the Big Family Cooking Showdown.

Dan, his wife Betty and her mum Jean, have made it through to the last three teams in the BBC’s new prime-time food competition, hosted by Zoe Ball and Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain.

The family find themselves in the book to accompany the series

The family find themselves in the book to accompany the series

In the final, which will be shown at 8pm on BBC2, they will be up against the Gangotra family and the Piggott family in a bid to lift the title of the country’s best home cooks.

The programme has attracted around 1.5million viewers each week, and sees groups of relatives trying to impress judges, Michelin star chef Giorgio Locatelli and cookery teacher Rosemary Shrager.

They have been writing recipes for the Free Press every week since their television debut, and harbour dreams of making careers in the food industry.

In tonight’s final, viewers will see them tackle one last challenge - to prepare food for a big family get-together, including nibbles, main courses, and desserts.

Dan works in the family bookmakers

Dan works in the family bookmakers

But before their big moment is broadcast to the nation, we asked them about their favourite foods, their kitchen nightmares and their most memorable meals.

Best meal you’ve ever had ?

Jean: The first time I ever had Thai food at Suppatra restaurant in town - Massaman curry.

Dan: Life restaurant in Rome - burrata filled ravioli parmesan cream and black truffle

Can Jean help the family to first place?

Can Jean help the family to first place?

Betty: Dan’s Christmas dinner 2015 in Haisthorpe, the year of the red onion stuffing baubles!

Biggest kitchen disaster?

Jean: My oven broke on Christmas Day - the turkey took seven hours to cook.

Dan: Splitting the sauce for Giorgio - never butter first!

Good luck Jean, Dan and Betty - from all the Free Press team

Good luck Jean, Dan and Betty - from all the Free Press team

Betty: Two words - dishwasher, salmon

You can have any breakfast in the world - what do you choose?

Jean: A standard full English

Dan: Full English - it must have black pudding or it doesn’t count

Betty: Dip (can only be eaten Christmas day as is Charles family tradition - it’s all breakfast stuffs chopped tinned toms and the secret ingredient ......... beef Oxo cube). Trust me

And for lunch?

Betty tests out another recipe

Betty tests out another recipe

Jean: Coronation chicken sandwich

Dan: Something with Ramen noodles, curryish broth and chillis.

Betty: Any two-course special and a glass of pinot grigio!

And your absolute favourite meal that you could eat every day for the rest of your life!

Jean: Massaman curry

Dan: Rare steak, chips, blue cheese sauce - if it’s done right its unbeatable.

Betty: Same as mum, Massaman curry

Favourite vegetarian meal?

Jean: Leek and mushroom gratin

Dan: Didn’t you see our lentil salad on the show?

Betty: Goats cheese and caramelised red onion tartlet

Which is your favourite restaurant in the Bridlington area?

Jean: Suppatra - they haven’t put me upto this, I swear!

Dan: Suppatra again! It’s the best restaraunt in Brid, hands down.

Betty: St Quintin Arms in Harpham. We had our wedding reception there and it will always be my favourite because of it.

You’re phoning a takeaway - what do you go for?

Jean: Fish and chips

Dan: Drunk = Bodrum - doner meat, chips, salad. Sober = Singapore chow mein, curry


Betty: Chinese with aall the trimmings, duck, spring rolls, crackers, rice, chips, crispy beef, satay sauce, everything

Favourite guilty food pleasure?

Jean: Traffic light jelly is an absolute must on a birthday, regardless of age

Dan: Fish finger sandwich, doorstop bread, red sauce, mushy peas, loads of vinegar

Betty: Chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle. I’m sorry, I really am!

Favourite drink - alcoholic and non-alcoholic?

Jean: An old classic snowball and Jasmine green tea for my booze-free drink

Dan: Guinness, iced coffee

Betty: Dizzy Betty cocktail (prosecco, limoncello and limonata) and apple and blackcurrant squash

Best food programme or celebrity chefs?

Jean: The Big Family Cooking Showdown, of course, and Jamie Oliver

Dan: Australian Masterchef is so much better than our version. Same as Jean, I love Jamie Oliver. He constantly reinvents himself and his dishes. I think I own every book he has ever released

Betty: The Great British Menu - we are trying visit as many of the chef’s restaurants as our funds will allow us. My favourite chef would be Tom Kerridge. I love his style of cooking, that gastro-pub kinda food

And finally, your idea of food hell?

Jean: Anything meant to be served hot that isn’t piping or hot food on cold plates!

Betty: Mum’s pickled onions. Worst! Hate them!

Dan: Whelks. My dad once bet me £10I couldn’t eat a jar of them. I think I managed half of one before the vomiting started. Like eating sandy, gristly snot.