Step inside Cilla’s show

Victoria Jones will replay the life and hits of Cilla Black
Victoria Jones will replay the life and hits of Cilla Black

Cilla and the Shades of the 60s is a musical tribute to the songs of Cilla Black and the many artists and songwriters who changed the world of popular entertainment during the 1960s.

It tours to Bridlington Spa on Sunday March 5 at 7.30pm.

The show is fronted by the Liverpudlian singer/actress Victoria Jones who, along with the Shades Trio, will take audiences on a musical journey through Cilla’s life and some of the biggest chart hits of the era.

Classic hit songs such as Alfie, Anyone Who Had A Heart, Step Inside Love and many more will also celebrate the great songwriting partnerships of the time including Lennon/McCartney and Bacharach/David.

Victoria will take the audience down memory lane reliving some of the most popular aspects of Cilla’s stellar career such as Blind Date – which ran for a record breaking 18 years – and her own hit TV show.

“Growing up in Liverpool, I knew Cilla Black as a TV presenter but then in my teens, I discovered her music and was amazed by her vocal range and her emotional depth,” said Vitoria.

I find her ballads so beautiful and she portrays heartbreak in a truly moving way.

“Her passion has always inspired me – in fact I think I was born in the wrong decade. I’ve always adored 60s music as the songs of that era had such a raw sound which I love.

“Performing as Cilla gives me the opportunity to celebrate the fashion and sound of a generation of amazing women who were beginning to make a real difference in the music industry and across the world.

When I travel around the country, being a red headed Scouser I always get compared to Cilla... or Sheridan Smith! I do feel a connection there, she too was a bold girl from a working class background who just loved to perform.”

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