COOKING WITH THE CHARLES: Celebrating National Curry Week

Salmon tikka tandoori
Salmon tikka tandoori

It’s National Curry Week so we have come up with a cracking tandoori tikka recipe.

Now, people tend to stick with what they know when it comes to curry. But if you usually get your chicken tikka or lamb pasanda, please just come out of your comfort zone a little and try this salmon dish out.

Salmon tikka tandoori

Salmon tikka tandoori

It really, really works.


(Serves 4)


Betty, Dan and Jean - read their recipes in the Free Press every week

Betty, Dan and Jean - read their recipes in the Free Press every week

○ 2 salmon fillets

○ 6 tbsp of Greek yoghurt

○ 2 tbsp tandoori masala spice mix (we make our own but it is available to buy anywhere)

○ 1 tin of plum tomatoes

○ 1 onion

○ 2 cloves garlic

○ 1 red chilli

○ Splash single cream

Flat breads

○ 250g Greek yoghurt

○ 250g self raising flour

○ Salt


1. Chop salmon up into chunks, put in a bowl with 3 tbsp of yoghurt and one tbsp of spice mix marinate for at least an hour but honestly, the longer the better (overnight is great).

2. Chop onion, garlic and chilli, fry in a little oil with 1 tbsp spice mix, then add the tinned tomatoes. Let simmer for 20 minutes to develop flavour.

3. Skewer the salmon and pop under the grill until charred.

4. Blitz the sauce to a smooth consistency, add a splash of single cream and 3 tbsp of yoghurt.

5. Gently mix the salmon through the sauce trying not to break it up too much.

6. To make the flat breads, mix all the ingredients in a bowl until you have a dough consistency divide into eight equal balls and roll out thinly.

7. Have a pan on a high heat and cook for about 30 seconds each, side until puffing a little and developing brown spots.

8. Serve with rice and raita.

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