Celebrate with a bang

Lions Bonfire'PA1044-14f'Courtney 12, Nathanial 9, Kendrick
Lions Bonfire'PA1044-14f'Courtney 12, Nathanial 9, Kendrick

BRIDLINGTON residents will once again be able to enjoy one of the biggest fireworks displays in the area thanks to the town’s Lions Club.

The gates will open at the Limekiln Lane car park at 6pm on November 5, with the bonfire lit at 7pm followed by the fireworks extravaganza bursting into life at 7.15pm.

Bridlington Lions Club have organised the stunning annual display for decades and stage it as a community event to help families celebrate the season in safety.

The club does not run it as a fund-raising exercise but do try to cover the considerable costs of the event which run into thousands of pounds.

Despite this, the Lions have lowered the admission charge this year to £1 for adults - less that half of the £2.50 charged last year - and small children will be admitted free. It is an attempt to encourage even more people to turn out and enjoy the events area with its novelty stalls and music, as well as an incentive to those who watch it from the street and the clifftops to make a donation to the charity.

Peter Jay from Bridlington Lions Club explains: “We do always try to cover the cost of the fireworks which has been a struggle in recent years.

“We sincerely ask that all the many people who watch from the Cliff top and Limekiln Lane to please help us by making a donation in the collectors’ buckets.

“This super event is paid for only by your Lions Club, not the local authority.”

• Local residents and commercial contractors are invited to take timber to the bonfire site on November 5 between 8am and 11am only.