Young dancers flying the flag for Bridlington

Colette Tyler dancers success
Colette Tyler dancers success

A Bridlington dance school has just won a national competition award.

The Collette Tyler School of Dance competed in the finals of the UK’s largest national group dance competition to win the kids modern section with their presentation of The Corpse Bride beating 18 other teams and came second overall in the kids section out of 31 teams at the finals at the Opera House in Blackpool’s Winter Gardens complex.

They had won their place in the finals after taking part in one of 10 heats held around the country. In addition to their awards, they won a plaque from the judges who chose their dance to be the most original out of the 132 other teams who took part.

Collette said: “Words can’t describe how proud I am of the children, their energy and enthusiasm really shines through. To compete at national level takes hours of practice and dedication. This would not have been possible without the help of our very talented and dedicated choreographer, Amy, who works with the pupils so they reach their full potential. “They did Bridlington proud.”