Hockney’s charity fund expands to £84 million

David Hockney.
David Hockney.

BRIDLINGTON resident and world famous artist David Hockney is now ranked among Britain’s most generous philanthropists after it was revealed this week that he has expanded his charitable foundation.

The Bradford-born artist, who now divides his time between Bridlington and California, has reportedly expanded his charitable foundation, to which he has already donated more than £70m of his own artwork and £730,000 of his own cash, to £84m.

It is believed that Hockney donated a further £9.5m of his paintings to the foundation last year – taking the total amount the 75-year-old had donated to charity to more than double his estimated personal wealth of £34m.

Fans of Hockney’s work maintained that while the latest boost to his foundation should be welcomed, his art is as important as any financial measure.

Robin Silver is one of the directors of Salts Mill in Saltaire, near Bradford, which is home to one of the largest collections of Hockney’s art.

Mr Silver said: “You cannot simply put a monetary value on David’s art, or any other art for that matter.

“It brings happiness, joy and fulfilment, like so much art does, which is equally as important as the monetary value.

“Anyone can come and see the works we have on display, and the joy it brings will hopefully permeate through.

“Given the current political and economic situation, to bring some joy and happiness to people is more important than ever.”

The David Hockney Foundation was formed in 2008 to oversee his extensive art collection and to educate the public about art.

It is thought the artwork held by the foundation will eventually be donated to the Tate and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.