Down to a T! Kara’s perfect Bridlington present

Kara Greenhalgh wearing her special I'm A Brid Kid T-shirt, which husband Neil had specially made.
Kara Greenhalgh wearing her special I'm A Brid Kid T-shirt, which husband Neil had specially made.

The Free Press has played its part in creating a new fashion statement!

The designers of Paris and Milan needn’t be too alarmed, but a T-shirt which we helped to create proved a better present than anything from a boutique in the clothes capitals of the world.

Neil Greenhalgh was looking for an anniversary gift for his wife Kara, inspired by her childhood holidays to Bridlington.

He explains: “Bridlington has always been special to my wife. Coming from Sheffield she always used to go on family holidays there and now her grandparents’ ashes are scattered on the cliff tops near Sewerby.

“We got married at Sewerby Hall two years ago and had the best day of our lives with perfect weather to match.

“On returning to Sewerby Hall a year later we saw a video showing vintage clips from the 60s and 70s.

“On that video we saw a kid wearing a T-shirt that read ‘I’m a Brid Kid’ and I just thought I need to get that for Kara for our second (cotton) anniversary.”

Initially, Neil’s efforts to get a special present for his wife looked like falling at the first hurdle.

He said: “A quick internet search proved unfruitful and it seemed that the T-shirt did not exist anymore – at least not for general sale.”

Realising it would not be as simple as buying a T-shirt from a website, Neil , who lives in the Manchester area, refused to be disheartened.

He discovered information online from 2009, when the Free Press made a batch of T-shirts with the logo on to mark our 150th anniversary – sponsored by the Ship Inn at Sewerby.

So Neil got in touch with our newsdesk and we were happy to help. Although we did not have any of the T-shirts left over from almost 10 years ago, we were able to find a copy of the order form which featured the logo.

“I have a friend who is very handy on Photoshop and he was able to get the very small low quality image within the article into a workable design and I had a T-shirt printer in Manchester make it into a T-shirt for me.

“Voila – a brand new ‘I’m A Brid Kid’ T-shirt!

“I’m so grateful to the Bridlington Free Press for helping me achieve this and my wife is over the moon with her gift.”

He presented her with her bespoke gift on their wedding anniversary earlier this month, and she wore it during their recent visit to Bridlington.