VIDEO: Sheffield band Redfaces set music world on fire with debut Kerosene

Hotly tipped young Sheffield guitar band Redfaces have set the music world on fire with the release of their aptly named explosive debut single Kerosene.

Sunday, 22nd January 2017, 12:33 pm
Updated Sunday, 22nd January 2017, 12:42 pm
Kerosene by Redfaces is what indie rock fans call a banger

There's enough raw energy in this volatile track to rocket them into orbit.

Or as fans of indie rock will say, it's a banger.

VIDEO: Watch our exclusive interview with Redfaces at the top of this story and their new Kerosene music video on our embedded YouTube video player - or CLICK HERE.

New music supporter Huw Stephens has added it to BBC Radio 1's Best Of Introducing playlist.

And BBC Radio 6 Music's Tom Robinson has already been giving it a spin on the BBC Introducing mixtape.

Other stations up and down the country have not surprisingly been naming Kerosene as the record of the week.

It tells a familiar story, about youth's burning desire to explore other places and meet new people. The accompanying music video starts with an inverted night shot of a city landscape and in truth that's what Redfaces are about to do - turn the whole place upside down.

Kerosene by Redfaces is what indie rock fans call a banger

The truly remarkable thing is they were signed around a year a go by Sony RCA while still at school and they have been the city's best kept secret.

But now the secret is out.

Meet 17-year-old singer Harry Lyon, from Dronfield, on vocal and rhythm guitar, his former school pals Charlie Yapp, 18, of Chesterfield, on drums and Isaac White, also 18, of Sheffield, on bass, backing vocals and keyboards.

Fourth and oldest member of the band - at the ripe old age of just 20 - is Ryan Laycock, on lead guitar, who joined them last year.

Redfaces are Isaac White, Charlie Yapp, Harry Lyon and Ryan Laycock

They write and perform songs with great melodies and catchy hooks, drawing on influences from the 60’s to the the noughties. Take a look around their rehearsal unit in Sheffield and it is plastered with posters of The Beates and The Stone Roses.

These good looking, smartly dressed, confident, but modest and oh so polite youngsters, look and sound every inch like the next big thing. The type of lads any parent would be proud of.

But when floppy mop-haired Harry and the boys do their thing on stage, well, it's Elvis time. Lock up your daughters. These boys are going to be on posters on every bedroom wall. It's that obvious.

As Redfaces-mania kicks in tickets are already being snapped up for their newly announced UK headline tour.

Redfaces blast off with debut single Kerosene

Not surprisingly their homecoming this Saturday at Sheffield's Yellow Arch Studios - with support from Barnsley's new indie rockers Sundance - is already a sell out.

There are 16-other dates to see them on tour in January and February and they are promising more local gigs later in the year. Full details on their web site at

There will, of course, be comparisons with the Artic Monkeys, as any new band emerging from the Steel City will endure. In deed their journey started at 2Fly studios in Sheffield, recording demos with Alan Smyth, the man behind the Arctic Monkey’s own early ventures.

Katie Come Home, their first demo to emerge from these sessions in early 2015, was championed by BBC Introducing and attracted the attention of every major label to see a showcase gig, at Sheffield's Rocking Chair.

Label representatives were literally climbing over one another to sign them - one late comer had no alternative but to climb over the crowd, explained the band's management.

Harry said: "Our manager didn't tell us but loads of major record label representatives were in the audience - which is exciting but a bit scary.

Redfaces are Harry Lyon, Charlie Yapp, Isaac White and Ryan Laycock

"RCA Sony offered us a deal and we've been writing and recording. We got school out of the way and we are now finally releasing music and getting on with it."

He explained how he was asked to form a band with Charlie and Isaac after he won a talent competition - singing Oasis classic She's Electric - at Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.

"I did this talent competition in my lower school years and I won an iPad Nano. Charlie asked if I wanted to be in a band and do something bigger."

Issac added: "We are now all around 17 to 20. But we formed in 2014. We were in school and grew up together. I knew Charlie and he is related to Harry. We hooked up with Ryan a year ago

"We've lost count of the number of gigs we've played, but it's around 200-ish."

BUY THE SINGLE: Kerosene, the debut single from RedFaces, is available now on the links below:


Kerosene by Redfaces is what indie rock fans call a banger
Redfaces are Isaac White, Charlie Yapp, Harry Lyon and Ryan Laycock
Redfaces blast off with debut single Kerosene
Redfaces are Harry Lyon, Charlie Yapp, Isaac White and Ryan Laycock