IN PICTURES: Review of Stepping Out at Scarborough's Stephen Joseph Theatre

A revival of Richard Harris' award-winning comedy has opened at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough.

Friday, 28th June 2019, 4:02 pm
The play is set in a tap dancing class in the north of England

Stepping Out can be seen in the Round at the SJT on various dates from now until Saturday August 3.

Tickets, priced from £10, are available from the box office on 01723 370541 and online at

This is not so much a reboot as a straight-up restaging, but in the round, of the story about nine women and one man who meet once a week at a tap dance class.
Each characters have their own reasons for wanting to be at the weekly class release, escape, confidence boost, to belong and for company. They dance as they live Andy is nervous and drops her hat; Dorothy is earnest; Maxine is the most accomplished; Lynn wants to please, Geoffrey bumbling along; Vera the best dressed and Rose dances shyly. It is up to Mavis who also has issues of her own to keep them in something like a chorus line.
The cast are: Natasha Calland as the kind-hearted trainee nurse Lynn; Alix Dunmore as the nervy abused Andy; Claire Eden as sassy working class Sylvia; Joanne Heywood as professional dancer turned teacher Mavis; David McKechnie, insurance expert and token male Geoffrey; Fenella Norman as crusty, formidable pianist and mother-figure to Mavis Mrs Fraser. Gemma Page as snobbish busybody Vera; Sarah Pearman as spinster and social security employee Dorothy; Angela Phinnimore as church-going mother Rose and Suzanne Procter as the manic shopowner and stepmum Maxine.
Stepping Out is a celebration of one of the most joyous sounds tap-dancing feet to music by greats from the American Songbook in theatre. It is also a tribute to the resilience of human spirit and friendship.
Stepping Out is a feel-good comedy about a group of diverse women and one man who put on a half-decent end of term tap dancing display. It is also more than that scratch beneath the surface and it is an observation on class, marriage, loneliness, physical and mental abuse, motherhood, care, duty, struggle, disappointment, ambition, loss and love.
Fenella Norman plays pianist Mrs Fraser
The women and one man get their moment to shine comes when they are asked to put on a show the organisation of which and rehearsals for fill the second half of the play. As the date of the event nears so tensions rise until they boil over into arguments and tantrums from the most unlikeliest of quarters and the secrets of the characters are subtly revealed.
Gemma Page plays snobbish busybody Vera and David McKechnie plays insurance expert and token male Geoffrey
Tap your troubles away with the revival of Richard Harris award-winning comedy Stepping Out at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough from now until Saturday August - in rep
Stepping Out is the ideal summer season opener it lifts the spirits, makes you cry and then laugh, it has warmth, pathos , humour and a feel-good quality of the highest factor imaginable. You will want to join a tap-dancing class the second it ends failing that book another ticket for the show.
Tickets, priced from 10, are available from the box office on 01723 370541 and