8: Watch the cricket at Sewerby

Sewerby cricket
Sewerby cricket

The East Riding does not have many professional sporting locations, but it is filled with charming village venues.

Perhaps the most picturesque is the cliff-top cricket ground at Sewerby.

The club’s secretary Vince O’Grady said:”I have been lucky enough to have played at Sewerby for over 36 years.

“There are many reason’s it’s so special but one feature is that it is doesn’t just have one picturesque view, but many.

“On one side you have Sewerby Hall and at the other Bridlington and the bay – you can then move round and you have Danes Dyke and Flamborough Head.

“It’s a privilege to play often in front of a large crowd with views like this. On a bright sunny day it is village cricket at its best.”

Adding to the pitch’s charm is the legend of no batsmen ever being able to hit the ball over the cliffs.

Visitors often ask whether it has been done. The answer is yes - but never without bouncing first.

The distance from the wicket at the hall end of the ground to the far side of the mown area on the cliff edge is about 115 yards and then there is a further few yards of uncut grass for the ball to clear.

The accepted distance from wickets to boundary in first class cricket is around 70 metres, so even a top class player would have some difficulty clearing the cliff edge on the full.

If the ball is hit too high then it loses forward momentum, descends almost vertically and quickly comes to rest on landing, especially if the grass is long, lush and green.

The club is proud of its new pavilion, opened in 2007, which incorporates excellent changing facilities for players and officials. The tea room is renowned for its standard of refreshment and the score box has a view it is difficult to surpass.

There can be few more idyllic sports to watch cricket in all of Yorkshire.