Schools key to better facilities

Brid School Entrance
Brid School Entrance

SCHOOLS will be encouraged to open up their sports pitches for community use to lighten the load on other venues, as part of a new council strategy.

A report by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, written after local clubs were consulted, has concluded there are more adult football pitches than are actually required in Bridlington but there are shortfalls of both junior and mini soccer pitches.

The report says: “There is therefore the potential for some adult pitches to be re-designated for junior and mini-soccer.

“Increasing community use of school pitches would also help address the shortfalls and ease the pressure on pitches at Gypsey Road and Dukes Park.

“A number of football clubs commented that the high cost of hiring pitches at Bridlington Sports College and Headlands Schools meant that use of these facilities by local teams was limited.

“As a consequence, other pitches at Gypsey Road and Dukes Park were becoming over-used at weekends. Feedback about the pitches at Gypsey Road indicated that clubs were reasonably content with quality apart from a specific problem with litter and dog fouling.”

Other problems brought up at a workshop suggested lack of security and fencing at Dukes Park meant the facilities were subject to vandalism.

Responses also indicated there is also a need for more training venues in Bridlington.

As part of the survey, 26 pitches in the town were inspected, with 19 being classed as good, four as average and three described as excellent, all at Dukes Park.

As well as looking at ways of opening up existing facilities to a wider use, the council has also looked at new sites which could be developed and concluded the best location for this was Sewerby Heads.