Third team hold off determined effort by visitors

Bridlington 3rds 19 Scunthorpe 4ths 5
Bridlington 3rds 19 Scunthorpe 4ths 5

Bridlington 3rds played host to Scunthorpe 4ths, who came with only 13 players. Jordan Clark and Jeremy Garnett volunteered to play for them to even up the sides.

They started strongly with their pack being bigger and taller and took the ball to the Bridlington try line but a lost ball allowed Liam Hughes to clear. Scunthorpe attacked again but Andy Kempton and then Eddie Morrell stole the ball and set the backs in motion.

Good handling saw the ball get to Hughes. He rounded his man and fed Matty Taylor who spilled the ball with the line at his mercy.

Scunthorpe ran the ball out but came up against Morrell who gladly accepted the challenge and took it back. He then opened the play to the three-quarters who gave it to Taylor. This time he caught it securely and dived in at the corner.

Sam Johnson was unlucky with the difficult conversion.

Bridlington now picked up the pace and had a 10-minute spell with all the possession. Coming up to the break, Tom Harwood made a break and passed to Tom Thirlwell. He gave the money ball to John Spence who grounded next to the posts. Johnson converted and Bridlington turned around 12-0 up.

Poor tackling and lost possession saw Scunthorpe attack for all of the first 20 minutes of the second half. Eventually the pressure told and the full-back scored in the corner. The kick was missed.

Sloppy play from both sides kept the play around the centre of the field for the next 10 minutes. It was from one such dropped ball that Hughes gathered and set off. He kicked through, chased, kicked on again but was beaten to the ball by Harwood who scored. Johnson converted. 19-5.

With time running out, Scunthorpe mounted an attack on the Bridlington line. A driving maul was formed and surged forward. A Scunny player dived over the line but Mike Ridsdale was waiting for him and got his hands under the ball as Bridlington claimed an unconvincing win.