‘Team Bridlington have been brilliant’

Coun Shelagh Finlay
Coun Shelagh Finlay

The mayor of Bridlington has spoken of her pride at the efforts of ‘Team Bridlington’, who spent weeks making sure the town was filled with colour for start of the Tour de Yorkshire.

Coun Shelagh Finlay said: “I have to say everyone has pulled out the stops. Bridlington is blue and yellow.

“This is a massive event for the town and I am delighted with how everyone has responded. Businesses, residents and schools have all been so excited.”

Local guest houses owners bought blue and yellow flags in bulk to get the best deal to ensure the town was decorated as much as possible.

The mayor added: “The Bridlington Tourism Association has really set the ball rolling and the guest houses have really warmed to the idea, and the shops along the route have joined in. It really has caught everyone’s imagination.

“Team Bridlington have been brilliant.”

Coun Finlay spent Thursday afternoon helping to hang bunting at the town’s bus station, before heading to the North beach to join a group building a giant bike made of pebbles on the sand. And she rounded off the day before the big race sipping blue and yellow Tour de Yorkshire-themed cocktails in a local bar.

“I can’t wait to see all the aerial views from the helicopters on TV. people are going to look at it, ask where that is and want to come here, It is absolutely fabulous,” said Coun Finlay.