Plans for ‘express golf’ and extra coaching at Flamborough Head

Dayne Hawkins
Dayne Hawkins

Almost six months into his new job at the Flamborough Head club, golf manager Dayne Hawkins has announced plans to get more people playing.

As part of his aim to make golf more accessible, he is looking at the idea of introducing faster competitions.

He said: “Future plans are to develop a nine-hole course for academy members and to push forward with nine-hole express golf competitions, which will be once again open for both members and non-members.

Flamborough Head Golf Club is introducing extra coaching sessions due to the popularity of its current programme.

Hawkins insisted when he took on the role earlier this year that his main aim was to get more people of all ages playing the game.

With him running regular tuition, and wife Marion helping out at the shop, he believes things are running smoothly.

“We have seen a few changes already on the course as the club has a new course chairman and he is very hands on and along with a few other members they have helped tremendously with all the small details that make such a big difference.

“I have also been able to also work on developing my golf academy and already have a healthy following of juniors and adults alike, not just members but also golfers from out of the region.

“The Monday night clinic is extremely popular, so much so I am introducing a Wednesday night clinic as well.”

For details, call the club on 850333.