Chairman: ‘I want to develop league’

Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson has taken on the role of chairman of Bridlington Badminton Association for the forthcoming season - with the aim of getting more players involved in the sport.

As he enters his 40th year of playing, Robinson is looking forward to inspiring others to pick up a racket.

“I have been so lucky to achieve so much in badminton, a game I love and have given so much time to,” he said.

“As chairman I want to encourage more players to badminton and strengthen the local league as well as the Yorkshire League teams representing Bridlington.

“Badminton is in good place after the recent success of Ellis and Langridge winning a bronze medal at the Olympics. I have had people come up to me saying they didn’t realise the speed and power top badminton players hit the shuttle with,

“So I say to people who either want to start playing badminton for fun or join a club please do it you will love it. It’s a great social sport and so much fun and brilliant for keeping fit.

“We are a very supporting league and encourage new players to badminton, this year a team from Scarborough has entered the league and a team from the Post Office has returned.”

Robinson has represented Yorkshire at junior, senior and masters level and is the current captain of Bridlington’s Yorkshire League first team who play in Division Two. He also leads Priory who have won 19 consecutive titles in the Bridlington League and is a Level two coach.

“My main as chairman this year is encourage and develop youngsters and adults to play badminton at a better standard,” he added.

“I have held coaching sessions all summer and aim to hold coaching sessions through the winter so please contact me on 403435 if you’re interested in the sessions or joining one of our league clubs.

“My goal is to promote badminton and by the end of the season have more players playing at a better standard.

“I am lucky to have a very good committee behind me, led by our secretary Richard Hanley who does most of the hard work.

“We are all committed to our league and sport and doing the best we can to promote it.”