Yorkshire Shield success rounds off a great season

Left to Right: Richard Girking (Coach), Mark Oliver (Captain), Ernie Cooper (President), Norman Lawry (Chairman), Kieran Lawry, (Director of Rugby), Ben Lawry (Team Manager)
Left to Right: Richard Girking (Coach), Mark Oliver (Captain), Ernie Cooper (President), Norman Lawry (Chairman), Kieran Lawry, (Director of Rugby), Ben Lawry (Team Manager)

Bridlington RUFC 16

Selby RUFC 12

BRIDLINGTON and Selby travelled to Hull for the final of the Yorkshire Shield.

It was the second time in three years the teams had met each other at this stage, with Bridlington winning the 2010 final at Driffield.

The weather was quite cold leading up to kick off, but as the players came on to the pitch, the sun began to shine through making it quite a warm day.

Bridlington kicked off the match, and Selby’s first touch was to knock the ball on as they tried to gather the kick.

Bridlington picked up the loose ball, making five metres as they started their attack, but they too knocked the ball on.

They were soon awarded a free kick following the first scrum of the day, Stevie Mellonby took this quickly, for Adam Dixon to run at the defence.

Bridlington made some good phases in the opening minutes but Selby were awarded a penalty, with which they could clear their lines and start their own attack.

A great run by the full back Dan Porter set them a good attacking platform, and after a few more phases of play, winger Ben Lunt was able to tip toe down the touchline to score the first try of the match.

Stand off Josh Cruise was unable to convert.

The match then settled down as both team were able to string phases together, although neither were able to convert their possession into points, as the referee saved each team in turn with penalties.

Bridlington had a good attack starting with a great run by Paddy Waines as he punched a hole through the defence.

After a pick and drive by Gary Heeley, they were inside the 22. Jamie Muru sent Ryan Girking through a gap but he was tackled.

Girking was at hand to pick up and drive on a few metres, the forwards, as always, were only a few feet away, winning a penalty.

Mellonby made a quick tap, putting Heeley through again, but he was stopped eight metres from the line.

Selby made a couple of phases following a scrum but then they gave away another penalty, Muru stepped up but was unsuccessful kicking at goal.

Selby then got the upper hand as they too showed why they were in the final, stringing good phases together as they moved up the park,

Bridlington veteran Mark Floyd, in his fourth Shield final, was putting his body on the line with some great tackling, but still they came.

Then 30 metres from Bridlington’s line, they had to make a change at second row as Brendan Lanaghan had to leave the field through injury.

Eventually, Bridlington’s hands out policy paid off, as they won a penalty, which Muru kicked long down field to touch for a lineout on Selby`s 22.

Danny Perkin saw his chance, throwing to Floyd at the front of the lineout, then getting the ball back he raced down the touch line.

It was quickly recycled by the forwards, Mellonby found Kieran Lawry on a crash ball, but the referee showed him a yellow card, and Selby were again able to clear their line.

But Mellonby was able to catch the kick, on his 40 metre line, passing inside to Ryan Kerr, and a great run saw him dodging his way through the defence.

Kerr was stopped as he reached the halfway line, staying on his feet as the forwards drove him another 10 metres.

Floyd and Perkin linked again as they made a break, then as Waines was sent through on a crash ball, they were awarded a penalty.

Muru stepped up again, but uncharacteristically missed his second attempt at goal.

Selby’s 22 dropout was charged down by Floyd, Mark Oliver dived on the ball for Waines to crash through again, but he was stopped inches from the line.

Selby number eight Ed Clark was then shown a yellow card, and finally Muru was successful with his goal kick, putting Bridlington onto the scoresheet.

It was not long before Bridlington were given a scrum following the restart. James Thompson picked from the base, for Mellonby to feed Muru.

He delayed his pass, and then put Ryan Girking through a gap to score a converted try beneath the posts.

Bridlington attacked again from the restart, then following a scrum, they got a free kick.

Mellonby made a quick tap for Waines, then Perkin to bash up field. A wide pass to Kerr followed, and with the forwards in close attendance, Bridlington won another penalty, Muru again was successful with the kick at goal to put his team 13-5 up at the break.

From the kick off, forwards secured the ball for Lawry to make a good run up to the halfway line, where he offloaded to Adam Dixon, who made 10 metres but was then penalised for a hand off, as he knocked the player to the ground.

Then there was a long period, where both teams battled to keep possession again.

Selby got the upper hand in this as they made progress up the park, but great tackling by every single Bridlington player slowed their progress until the backs made a good break.

The winger kicked ahead, which was charged down by Kerr, bouncing into touch on Bridlington’s 40 metre line.

Wiremu Cookson won the lineout and a penalty as Selby drove through the line. Muru kicked downfield for a lineout on Selby’s 22.

This was caught at the front by Heeley, and the forwards set up a driving maul.

Perkin broke out and Mellonby fed Muru but he was tackled man and ball. Waines picked up the ball from Muru, driving at the defence with the other forwards arriving to give assistance as he drove on, winning a penalty.

Muru again kicked successfully at goal.

Bridlington made a change before the restart bringing on Martin Robinson for Mellonby, and his first task was to catch and secure the kick off, which he passed to Perkin, then on to Zondo.

But Selby were able to turn the ball over and charge at the Bridlington defence. Their forwards recycled the ball again and again as they marched further into the Bridlington half, releasing the backs as they crossed the 22.

Then quick hands along the back line allowed hooker Duncan Hardy to run in to score a try, converted by Cruise.

Bridlington made it to the Selby 22 from the restart but a knock on by them meant Selby got the upper hand again. A good kick through by Cruise rolled into touch on Bridlington’s 40 metre line.

Bridlington knocked the ball on just after winning the lineout, but the referee awarded them a penalty from the scrum. Cruise stepped up to kick at goal but this time he was unsuccessful.

Bridlington made a couple of changes bringing on Tom Benninger and Regan Stirk for Waines and Kerr.

They then made good ground with the fresh men on the park, as they progressed into the Selby 22, who were saved again by a penalty.

Another change for Bridlington as they brought on Morgan Kinnaird for Adam Dixon, was to no avail as Selby still kept the ball marching ever nearer the try line.

Saved by a penalty, Bridlington were able to mount an attack of their own, through great running by Zondo, Roberts and Girking.

Then a pass from Robinson to Muru is intercepted, Selby made it to the 40, Cruise ran himself but was stopped by Heeley.

The Selby full back had a go, but he too was stopped, then when the ball flew out the side of a ruck, Lawry dives on to the ball, the forwards drove over for Robinson to kick the ball into touch and end the game.

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