YIBC at Bridlington Spa: Campbell’s memories of the resort

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Olympic hero Luke Campbell spoke of the importance of discipline and dedication in achieving in sport.

In a message to Bridlington boxers and other young sportspeople, Luke, 25, who won the gold in the bantamweight division at the London 2012 games, said that the sky is the limit for people who apply themselves.

Speaking at the Yorkshire International Business Conference at Bridlington Spa this afternoon, Luke said: “It was always my dream to be Olympic champion. In anything you do, to be successful you have to be disciplined and completely dedicated. You have to take as much from your defeats as you do from your victories. I have taken defeats in my career and it is how you respond and what you learn from it that is important. You have to overcome that first obstacle.”

While Luke has not boxed in Bridlington before, he said he has trained in the town as an amateur.

“I trained at the gym in Bridlington a few times,” said Luke.

“I am appreciative of all the support I had from people in Hull and across East Yorkshire.

“I know around 40-50 people are getting a minibus down from Bridlington and I think that is fantastic. The response I have had since the Olympics has been crazy really.

“I’ve met some brilliant people since the games and have had the opportunity to do some great things.”

And in encouraging words for young Bridlington sportspeople of all disciplines, Luke continued: “Sport has really taken off since the Olympics. There is a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to get involved in sport now. The improvements have been huge.”

And ahead of his professional debut at Craven Park on July 13, Luke said: “Things are going well. To think I am going to be headlining the show when there are other big names on it is crazy to think.

“When you are an amateur you almost have to go to promoters with your CV and say this is what I have done, this is what I can do. It’s a big difference.”

One thing has remained constant since his stunning success though, is the inevitable question whenever he meets someone new - what is your medal like?

“That’s the first thing that people ask every time. It’s funny, they always remark how heavy they are and then ask if they are real gold.”