World Cup glory for England star Levitt

England Over 55s
England Over 55s

Bridlington’s Di Levitt scored seven goals to help England over 55s squad win the Masters World Cup.

The Martongate School deputy headteacher was a key part of the squad which won all six of its matches in Rotterdam.

Di Levitt

Di Levitt

They did not concede a single goal during the tournament, which saw over 55 and over 60 teams competing against each other.

“It was awesome, an amazing experience. To stand on the rostrum at the end, singing the national anthem as the Englisg flag was raised was very emotional.”

A programme of six games in eight days began with a 2-0 win over the Australian over 60s, whose squad featured a number of former full internationals.

That was followed by a narrow 1-0 win against New Zealand’s over 55s, and Levitt got off the mark with two goals in the next game, a 4-0 victory over the England over 60s.

England Over 55s

England Over 55s

Holland’s older squad were blown away 11-0, with Levitt grabbing five of the goals, before the round-robin stage ended with a 4-0 win over the younger Dutch team.

The final saw England face Holland over 55s again, and they repeated their group stage result, racking up another 4-0 win to clinch the gold medals.

“This is my seventh year as an international, and I have got to know some the Australia and Holland players well, so with 41 Masters teams at the event, it was like meeting old friends.

“It was fantastic to rub shoulders with ex-internationals but once we crossed the white line, it was all about winning.

“Two of the games had to be played in quarters because the temperatures were over 30C. The weather was beautiful, most days it was 24C or 25C,” said Levitt.

England’s form is as red-hot as the weather. They easily won a warm-up tournament at Aldershot last month, meaning the squad have played two tournaments in recent weeks and have a record of 44 goals scored and only one conceded.

In fact, all the England Masters age group teams picked up a medal at the World Cup.

Levitt’s success in Rotterdam made up for disappointment two years ago at the inaugural Masters World Cup.

“I was selected for the over 50s age group for England, because there wasn’t an over 55s, but they changed the selection procedure, and because I technically qualified for England over 55s by eight days, I was left out.”

There is no time to rest a hamstring injury picked up at the World Cup, as Levitt heads to Swansea next week to take part in the Home Internationals.

And she is hoping her goalscoring form will retain her place in the national squad for the European Championships next year and the 2016 World Cup in Canberra, Australia.

But for now, she is back in the classroom, hoping her enthusiasm for sport will rub off on her pupils.

“I want kids to take part and sport and get out of it what I do,” she added.