Unbeaten start to the season for newly-formed junior team

Bridlington/Pocklington under 16s.
Bridlington/Pocklington under 16s.

With some of the boys who started the Bridlington Hockey Club junior section going to play with Driffield Hockey Club men’s section, it left the juniors with only half a team.

This season, a joint Bridlington/Pocklington team has entered the league and they played their first set of games at Pocklington School.

They played Bradford in their first match together and within five minutes the team had gelled well and were passing the ball nicely round the pitch to be rewarded with an early goal from Joe Dyrdal.

Shortly before half time captain Toby Carter added a second and Henry Howarth was denied several times by the keeper but in the second half, he got the better of the keeper, took his time and slotted the ball into the back of the net.

Keeper Tony Usher kept the ball out of the net in the dying minutes of the game finish the game off with a clean sheet.

The next match was against Thirsk. Bridlington started well and managed to score two goals early on both from Matt Besford but Thirsk seized their chance when defender Matty Woodcock slipped and the attacker Thirsk pounced and bagged one back.

Thirsk scored a lovely second goal after the break to earn a 2-2 draw.

The final game of the day was against Driffield. The boys have all played together as East Yorkshire and know each other well, it was friendly rivalry. The game was very tense and exciting with bridlington going close on numerous occasions.

Eventually, from a short corner, the first strike was missed, the ball was high but struck beautifully, but possibly dangerously, by Ashley Kelly. It flew into the back of the net. Bridlington waited nervously while the umpires conferred but a goal was awarded.