Two hole-in-ones within an hour

Two hole-in-ones at Bridlington Golf Club
Two hole-in-ones at Bridlington Golf Club
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BRIDLINGTON Golf Club saw a very rare occurrence when two members playing in the same competition on the same day hit hole-in-ones within the space of an hour.

Peter Green and Mike Boldy were playing with the popular Saturday Club when they both managed to achieve the ultimate golfing feat.

Green achieved the feat first while playing the 144-yard second hole.

He hit what he described as ‘a very nice eight iron’ to the green and was over the moon when it fell into the hole to give him his maiden ace after 60 years of trying.

Boldy achieved his rare feat on the 167-yard 11th hole. He hit a good five iron to achieve his first hole-in-one, but he didn’t have to wait as long as Green, as he has only been playing seven years.

Well done to them both and the members of the Saturday Club on the day will have been well looked after in the bar afterwards.