TWICKENHAM: ‘We didn’t disgrace ourselves’

The Bridlington coaching staff at Twickenham
The Bridlington coaching staff at Twickenham

Speaking emotionally in the tunnel at Twickenham immediately after the game, Bridlington’s director of rugby Rich Girkin said: “After the first 20 minutes, Brighton looked like they might embarrass us, but we won the next hour comfortably.

“The lads played themselves to a standstill and we couldn’t have asked for any more from them. If you are going to lose here, you go down fighting and that’s what we did.

“Even at 20-0 down I knew we wouldn’t give up and that we would take the match to Brighton right up to the end.

“We are bitterly upset, but we will realise soon what we have achieved just by getting here.

“We didn’t disgrace ourselves and everyone watching will realise what a great advert it was for our rugby club.

“On a personal level, it has been a massive day for me. I’m so pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved with this side. It is up there with all the other achievements.”

The Twickenham trip was combined with Girking’s stag do to make it a real weekend to remember.

When he returned to Bridlington, he said: “I’m still disappointed we lost, you never recover from that. We had talked about how it was Brighton’s third trip to Twickenham in five years and that we needed to get some early possession, but everything is different from your normal matchday routine.

“When we did get the ball and managed to get out of our own half, we showed we were as good as them, when a lot of sides would have crumbled at 20-0 down.

“We also have to thank Dave Tennison, the England kit man. He was changing studs and getting drinks before the game.

“It was his day off but he came to the hotel and travelled with us to the stadium.”