Tough challenge for runners in the third Summer League race

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Last Thursday saw the annual Bridlington Road Runners club race, which is part of the Summer League Handicap.

This was the third in the series and the hardest of the five, made even harder with the sun blazing down. The course race is approximately the distance of a 10k (6.2 miles) although it is definatly not a personal best route due to the vast amount of steep hills.

The race started at Easton Road, ran up and down to Rudston before turning left and up another hill, the steepest of the three. This took the runners to the main road to Woldgate and Kilham, and after catching their breath, the route headed downhill most of the way before arriving on the A614 and heading back towards Bridington for the last stretch.

Twenty members ran on the night making for a good race, Phill Taylor was first back in 34:28, next to complete was Danny Brunton in 36:53 followed by Simon Ellerker in 41:41.

For the ladies, Emma Brown was first lady back in a time of 42:44, with Sarah Wood second in 43:11 and Cathy Wood third in 45:14.

Other times: (5th) Andy Baker 42:52, (8th) Kevin Lewis 45:21, (9th) Steve Frankish 46:56, (10th) Janet Potter 47:38, (11th) Ray Robinson 49:17, (12th) Judy Allison 49:51, (13th) Hannah Siler 49:59, (14th) Verona Petty 50:40, (15th) Kerry Whitehead 51:21, (16th) Martin Smith 54:12, (17th) Ben Smith 54:14, (18th) Michelle Rollinson 54:15, (19th) Zoe Ellis 54:23 and (20th) Zena Boreman 54:36

Standings after race three: Men: 1= John Nolan 97, 1= Kevin Lewis 97, 3: Simon Ellerker 96, 4: Mark Loft 91, 5= Steve Frankish 89, 5= Stuart Atkinson 89, 5= Simon Porter 89.

Ladies: 1 Zoe Ellis 49, 2 Emma Brown 47, 3 Michelle Rollinson 44, 4 Verona Petty 37, 5 Judy Allison 36, 6 Sarah Wood 34.