Three wins out of three for Bridlington

Bridlington v Barnsley
Bridlington v Barnsley

Bridlington RUFC 31

Barnsley RUFC 13

Yorkshire One

BARNSLEY kicked off the match, and the ball was caught by James Thompson, who was tackled as he gathered.

The home forwards secured the ball before releasing the backs, but as it was passed along the line, there was a knock-on, giving a scrum to Barnsley 30 metres from Bridlington’s try line.

Brid were then penalised at the scrum, Barnsley full back Smith stepped up and kicked successfully at goal.

Bridlington kicked long from the restart, but the visitors secured the ball for the stand-off Appleyard to kick to touch.

A good lineout by Thompson, allowed Stevie Mellonby to release the backs. The forwards took over from the 22, with good runs by Ezra Luxton and Micky Edmond winning a penalty for Barnsley being offside.

Mellonby stepped up and levelled the scores with a successful kick at goal.

Barnsley came out strongly again from the restart, winning a penalty when Bridlington held on to the ball in the ruck, which again was kicked at goal to put them back in front.

Play then went back and forth for a long time, as both team battled for territory and possession.

Both teams enjoyed multiple phases of play, then Barnsley got within striking distance of the Bridlington line with a lineout.

But as it was over-thrown Ali Sutton seized his chance to run it out, but the referee adjudged it to not be straight and awarded a scrum to the visitors 10 metres from the Bridlington line.

Bridlington dug deep winning the scrum against the head, then they made their way up the park once again.

From a lineout on the halfway line, Mellonby released the backs, the forwards picked and drove at the defence, but Barnsley were awarded a scrum.

Attacking with the backs, the ball was lost forward, allowing Sutton to pick up and drive.

The backs again were given good ball, from the 22 Thompson and Sutton each make good runs but were stopped just five metres short of the line.

Sizwe Zondo threw a good dummy then found Gareth Roberts with an inside pass allowing him to cross the line for a converted try beneath the posts.

For the rest of the half the teams battled each other with neither able to convert possession into points.

Bridlington kicked off the second half, caught by Barnsley on their 22, which they kicked up field.

Zondo caught the ball on the halfway line, and ran back to the opponents’ 40 before he was stopped.

The forwards secured the ball, Stirk kicked the ball and chased, tackling the Barnsley player as he gathered the ball.

The visitors managed to secure it and kick back through the scrum half for a lineout 30 metres from their line.

From there, they were able to make their way up field again as far as the Brid 40, but Bridlington were soon able to clear by kicking up field.

Unfortunately, it rolled over the dead ball line, for a scrum back on the halfway line.

After a big push by Bridlington, Thompson was able to pick up and feed Mellonby.

Zondo made a run before releasing Regan Stirk at speed, who was able to cross the line for a converted try beneath the posts, extending the lead.

Bridlington again got the upper hand from the restart, but good runs by Zondo and AJ Burrows were stopped five metres short of the line,

Barnsley turned the ball over and started their attack, but after kicking ahead the ball stopped in goal.

Stirk waited for the advancing backs to get to him before touching down for a drop out.

He threw the ball quickly to Roberts, who kicked short over the line for Tom Kemp to pick up and run out.

He was stopped as he reached his 40 metre line, but after a couple of drives by the forwards, there was a great run by Jimmy Thompson, who picked up from the halfway line, evading tackles as he scored a converted try.

The teams again defended well, neither team getting the upper hand for long, until Barnsley won a penalty on the halfway line.

It was taken quickly by the forwards as they set up a platform for the backs to attack.

A good run by the winger was halted by Micky Edmond.

Mellonby picked up the ball quickly, winning a penalty as he was tackled.

Roberts took it quickly from his 40, but was stopped as he reached the halfway line.

Barnsley won a scrum and turned the attack around, passing the ball along the line where the number eight Reed knocked on.

Luxton seized the chance and ran it out, linking with Ryan Girking who offloaded to Roberts, allowing him to cross the line again for his second converted try.

A last ditch effort from Barnsley from the restart, saw good work by their forwards as they pounded their way up the park.

Another great defensive effort from the home side stopped them five metres short of the line, for a scrum to Bridlington.

With the referee adjudging that the scrum was wheeled through 90 degrees, he awarded the scrum to Barnsley.

Quick thinking by the number eight Reed saw him cross the line for the last action of the game as he scored a converted try.

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