The oldest player to get a hole-in-one?

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It might not be a world record, but is Geoff Marsh the oldest golfer to get a hole-in-one on one of our three local courses?

The 84-year-old achieved an ace last Thursday at Flamborough Head, the third time he has managed a hole-in-one in his 35 years on the fairways.

Officials at Flamborough can’t recall anyone older holing their tee shot, although they do not record the age of everyone who achieves it on their course.

Geoff’s feat came on the par three 17th and he told the Free Press: “It is about 139 yards and I was playing last because I had lost the previous hole.

“One of my playing pals said ‘it’s going for the pin’, but I thought it had gone through the green and into a pond at the back.

“When we went to the green, I looked in the bunker on the right first of all and then I started to walk to the back of the green. Someone said ‘why don’t you have a look in the hole?’ and there it was.”

Despite being 84, Geoff enjoys playing a fourball twice a week and he teams up with friends Edward Taylor, former handicap secretary, retired colonel Hugh Bonnaker and Peter Wise.

“Whoever loses has to buy the tea and at 95p a cup, it gets competitive,” Geoff joked. “I’m playing off a handicap of 23 these days after the handicap secretary kindly gave me two shots back when I turned 80.”

His first hole-in-one came on the 10th at Flamborough Head in June 1999, and he now joins a select band of players who have hit a hat-trick.

Flamborough chairman Terry Wright said: “I’ve known Geoff since he first joined Flamborough Head Golf Club in 1978, coincidentally my captain’s year, in fact I was pleased to propose his application to join the club.

“He is a great member of our club, good company both off and on the course, and I congratulate him for his achievement of a hole-in-one and on behalf of the club I thank him for the whiskey which he provided to celebrate the event.”

Although there is no official confirmation he is the oldest golfer to get a hole-in-one in the area, it seems unlikely it has been beaten.

However, Geoff still has a long way to go to catch up with the world record holders.

The oldest player to achieve the feat it 102-year-old Elsie McLean who holed her drive in California in 2007.

The oldest man is Harold Stilson, who was 101, when he hit his sixth hole-in-one in Florida in 2001.

And Geoff doesn’t think it is completely out of the question. “My grandmother reached 100 years old, I still have her telegram in my house, so I just hope I have some of her genes.”