The ‘Green Machine’ team beat their fears at Tough Mudder

The Blast Fitness team
The Blast Fitness team

A team from Blast Fitness in Bridlington took part in a race which is advertised as ‘probably the hardest event on the planet’.

The Tough Mudder challenge in the Yorkshire Dales pushed the 11 fitness fans through 12 miles of military-style assault courses.

The course is designed by British special forces and saw the hardened team crawling through water and mud-filled tunnels, leaping five metres into murky waters, running through electric fencing wires and swimming through an enormous ice bath.

Steve Tighe, owner of Blast Fitness, said: “A couple of our team were very weak swimmers indeed and the underwater tunnel section proved almost a step too far but with the help of other team members supporting and assisting they managed to complete it.

“At various stages people had to confront very high climbs, jumping from great heights, getting through confined spaces and being under freezing water. Quite a few of the team faced some of these genuine fears at numerous points of the course but every single one of them attacked those fears head on.

“Not only did they win these personal battles but they managed to come through the other side with a smile on their face, this was so pleasing for me to see as the team’s trainer.

The team were raising money for Help for Heroes and all 11 crossed the finishing line and collecting their own coveted orange Mudder headband.

Blast Fitness are expecting to send a much bigger team to next year’s event and is planning a new beginner Bootcamp to cope with the interest.

“These are what gave our team the edge on a lot of other entrants, the strength of mind and strong team ethic instilled on a weekly basis during our military-style Bootcamp,” added Tighe.