TENNIS: Brid Ladies hammer depleted Pocklington

The Brid Ladies A team, from left, Di Levitt, Jill Crawford, Carol Bickerdike, Penny Clarke, Anne Diamond and Julie Christlow
The Brid Ladies A team, from left, Di Levitt, Jill Crawford, Carol Bickerdike, Penny Clarke, Anne Diamond and Julie Christlow

Bridlington Lawn Tennis Club Ladies A travelled to Pocklington through heavy rain but emerged to a bright sunny evening.

Pock were unable to field a full team and many regular players were absent, giving Brid a definite advantage.

Result: Ladies A beat Pocklington C 9-0 (Julie Christlow / Carol Bickerdike 8-0, 8-1, 8-0; Jill Crawford / Di Levitt 8-0, 8-6, 8-0; Anne Diamond / Penny Clarke 8-4, 8-1, 8-0

Results round-up

Ladies B beat Harpham B 9-0 (Davina Allan-Lees / Rosie Allan-Lees 8-4, 8-2, 8-4; Pearl Rogerson / Julie Durrans 8-2, 8-2, 8-5; Helene Thornton / Delphine Kaye 8-7, 8-2, 8-5).

Mens B lost against Sledmere A 2-7 (Alex Bell / Vincent Robinson 5-8, 5-8, 3-8; Richard Clark / Anthony Clarke 4-8, 8-3, 3-8; Juan Carlos Lino / Matt Foley 0-8, 6-8, 8-3).

Mixed B beat Driffield LTC B 9-0 (Anthony Clarke/Penny Clarke 8-4, 8-1,8-5; Alex Bell / Julie Christlow 8-6,8-6, 8-4; Jon Bell / Carol Bickerdike 8- 1, 8-0, 8-2)

Mixed C lost against Middleton A 3-6 (Dave Brown / Margaret Terry 8-6, 1-8, 0-8; Richard Clark / Jill Crawford 8-3, 2-8, 3-8; Pete Rogerson / Delphine Kaye 8-6, 5-8, 0-8).

The junior coaching section of Bridlington Lawn Tennis Club held a very successful and popular summer tennis school which spanned three days of the first week of school holidays.

Numbers needed to be limited to 30 children but thanks to Keren Miller’s superb leadership and preparation, which included many new and fun tennis games, the children demonstrated commitment and joyful enthusiasm as they practised a list of skills for their tennis passports.

Miller thanked her assistants Penny Clarke, Margaret Terry, Julie Durrans, Donovan Copley, Charlie Handley, Jo Robinson, Anthony Clarke, Oliver Walkington, Tamara Lino and Barrie Beckett, without whom the event would not have been possible.

Walkington deserves a special mention as he will use his experience of coaching younger children as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award training.

He has shown great leadership and teaching ability for his age, he has great potential and the club coaches are delighted that he will continue to assist with junior coaching next season.

Club president Dr Anthony Clarke commented that this was one of the most memorable tennis events in the club’s recent history and wishes to acknowledge the great commitment shown by Miller and her assistants.