Team effort earns first place in friendly gala

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Bridlinton Swimming Club were one of six teams who competed at Beverley in a friendly gala.

It was an exceptionally entertaining competition, marred only by the fact that because the pool lacks the correct depth at the lower end, swimmers have to start in the water.

This does often hinder them from gaining personal best times, however, Bridlington swimmers still gained 30 PBs from the 44 races, reflecting the tremendous effort from the whole team.

There was once again a packed pool with all seats taken. The spectators were very vocal cheering on the swimmers efforts, which is appreciated by all competitors.

Dru Hall, Conor Benson, Ethan Ward and Archie Ward got the evening off to a great start winning the 4x25m medley relay.

This is only the second time Ward has represented Bridlington and he swam well to gain three personal best times in his four events.

Jessie Larsen, Matilda Hall, Libby Marshall and Brooke Hughes won the girls’ medley and freestyle relays in their age group, while Decan Mooney, Jaden Hart, Ellis Jacobs and Frankie Gascoigne won the 4x25m freestyle relay in the 11 and under group.

Throughout the evening, the lead changed adding to the excitement. Individual winners were E Ward and Marshall.

Naomi Benson had an outstanding gala. She was too fast for the cut off times in both her individual races but in doing so gained two PBs.

Coach Geoff Edmond praised all the swimmers efforts and commitment. A real team effort saw Bridlington win by just seven points.

Result: 1: Bridlington, 2: Beverley, 3: New Earswick, 4: Pocklington, 5: Driffield, 6: South Holderness.