Student’s new boxing business packs a punch

Shane Green with Luke Campbell
Shane Green with Luke Campbell

A Bridlington business student and boxing enthusiast is hoping his new venture will prove to be a knockout.

Shane Green is getting ready to launch the Gym Addict sports clothing range, withhelp from some of the sport’s big names, as well as David Beckham’s former manager.

Getting the business off the ground has proved to be a tough challenge for the University of Huddersfield student, and he suffered a major knock-back when he was forced to change his brand’s name.

Green said: “The business was formally known as Gym Junkie Clothing. I started to create hoodies, T-shirts and vests as the the first step after securing my start-up loan.

“From this, I used social media to the maximum to target particular people. At first this was footballers and TV stars but as I am an amateur boxer myself, I decided to target boxers as the ambassadors for the brand and this worked.

“In summary, the brand took off and excelled within weeks until I received a letter saying I was breaking the law by trademark, infringing another company called Gym Junk.

“This led to a legal dispute and caused me to stop using the logo and cease trading after a considerable amount of money, well over £1,000 spent.

“Now the brand is back as Gym Addict and is looking to be much bigger than Gym Junkie was, turning a bad thing into a positive.”

Green is on a univeristy course looking at Enterprise Development, where students have to create a business within three years and learn skills to become an entrepreneur.

The promotional video for Gym Addict came out this week and goes live next week. Green is also looking to open a shop in Bridlington.

Working with him is Terry Byrne, former manager of David Beckham and chairman of the 1966 Company which represents the commercial rights of the England football team. He said: “I have got involved to to support a young entrepreneur who wants to make it in the sporting sector and, after 23 years of working in sport, I believe my help,advice and infrastructure will enable Shane to succeed quicker.”

So far, boxing big names Anthony Joshua, Curtis Woodhouse, Ryan Rhodes, Roy Jones Jnr, Tony Bellew and Luke Campbell have been working with Green, and Tyrone Nurse will wear Gym Addict the clothing as he enters the ring to box for the English title on 19 April.