Selby are whitewashed as Brid keep pace with leaders

Qaqmbile Mrwetyana makes inroads.
Qaqmbile Mrwetyana makes inroads.

On a day when gale force winds which life difficult, Bridlington enjoyed a good 43-0 victory over Selby to keep them in third place in Yorkshire One.

Bridlington started the first half with some lively play. At the first scrum, with Bridlington’s put in, the hosts pushed well and the Selby pack was creaking. This was to set the pattern for the rest of the match, with the Bridlington pack dominant.

Bridlington secure the ball

Bridlington secure the ball

The first chance of points came after 10 minutes, with Jack Arthur striking a good ball in absolutely appalling conditions, only for the ball to come off the wrong side of the post.

With the wind in their favour, the visitors cleared their lines after the restart with a long penalty to take them within 10 metres of the Bridlington line. However, Bridlington stole the ball at the lineout, with Matiu Welch choosing to kick high into the wind causing a Selby mistake.

After another few minutes, a penalty and another good kick by Welch took Bridlington to within a few metres of the Selby line. With a Bridlington player pushed into touch, a Selby lineout was again turned over, and quick passing to the right wing enabled Oliver Stevenson to open the Bridlington account, although the difficult conversion from wide out was missed.

With 20 minutes of play gone, play remained in the middle of the field for a while with neither side dominating, until a good run by Gary Stevens and an excellent offload to Arthur took Bridlington well into the Selby half.

Ryan Girking's first-half try.

Ryan Girking's first-half try.

The excellent Bridlington scrummaging continued, with them turning the ball over, and some quick passing and a powerful run by new prop Qaqambile Mrwetyana saw him score close to the posts and Bridlington led 12-0.

Bridlington had now lifted their game, and switched the ball from right to left then left to right to enable captain Ryan Girking to go over, from the best play of the game so far.

The conversion was held up by the wind, so the lead remained at 17 points.

Playing with some of the appetite they had showed earlier in the season, Bridlington were soon on the scoreboard again, A direct attack through several pairs of hands, was finished off with a typically strong surge by Jamie Martin to score from short range, converted by Welch to make the half time score 24-0.

Bridlington had played well in the last 20 minutes of the first half, with Selby never looking like scoring, and the game was already probably beyond them.

A clever restart kick by Welch, just going the required 10 metres, was gathered unopposed by Bridlington to launch an immediate attack at the start of the second half.

They moved close to the opposition line, and Selby were judged to have illegally prevented a try scoring opportunity and conceded a penalty try, which converted from in front of the posts to bring up a score of 31-0.

After the restart came a great solo effort by Will Davies, cleverly chipping over the defence and running on well to touch down. As the wind worsened and kicking became a lottery, the excellent try was unconverted.

With Bridlington once again pushing deep into the Selby half, the home team once again closed on the visitors’ line ,with Selby gaining possession but trapped behind their own line.

A consequent scrum led to another illegal move to prevent a try, and a second penalty try, which was converted to make the score 43-0.

This proved to be the final score, with play becoming disjointed, as players tired and the terrible conditions continued. Selby never gave up, and Bridlington had to do some stout defending to keep their try line unbreached.

Ball sponsors for this game were R and AJ Medforth and Weight Watchers.