Running duo complete gruelling 110 mile race

Karyn Hoggard and Mike Hall at Whitby
Karyn Hoggard and Mike Hall at Whitby

Even for accomplished runners like Karyn Hoggard and Mike Hall, their latest challenge was a mental and physical battle.

On Saturday morning they set off from Filey to tackle the 110-mile Hardmoors race, which takes them along the route of the Cleveland Way.

Karyn Hoggard during the 110 mile route

Karyn Hoggard during the 110 mile route

After struggles along the way, and injuries which eventually needed trips to hospital, they crossed the finish line on Sunday afternoon.

Karyn completed the course in 31 hours and 11 minutes which made her the eighth woman to finish.

Mike was only 35 minutes behind, although the pair had run the first 90 miles together.

Karyn said; “I did a 55-mile race earlier in the year so I knew I had it in my legs if I could maintain my fitness, without damaging myself.”

Mike Hall

Mike Hall

The pair reached the halfway point in good shape but the endurance challenge began to take its toll after that.

Karyn said: “There was a section through the night where you are going across the top of the open moorland and that is when your mind starts to have low points.

“You know you still have a long way to go, you are slowing down and you have to constantly look down at the ground because you don’t want to fall.”

Mike only started running three-and-a-half years ago, but has gone from three miles to 110 in that time.

He said: “It has to be the hardest challenge, mentally and physically, that I have ever done.

“The first half went very well and a lot faster then I thought. Then the pain kicked in, I started to get a lot of pain in my left shin.

“The running just got harder and the hills got bigger. Up on the moors in the dark, it was bleak with fog and wind, making it very cold, this made us run just to keep warm.”

At times, injuries slowed them to walking pace, but the arrival of friends who ran with them in the later stages spurred them on.

Karyn’s fellow Bridlington Road Runners Pearl Bayford, Julie Robson-Madden and Jane Welbourn joined her for part of the route on Sunday and she had back up from her husband Dean, who acted as her support crew.

She said: “It is just a personal challenge and to be able to say you have done it is brilliant. Crossing the finish line was emotional, the best feeling ever.”

They had stopped for food and drink along the way and one rest break gave Karyn a second wind and she was able to run the last 22 miles, leaving Mike with his brother at a slightly slower pace.

He really had paid the price and a trip to hospital on Monday proved that he did not have stress fractures but the worst case of shin splints his doctor had seen.

So far he has raised £1,670, which is going to Bridlington Swimming Club and the National Autistic Society. You can still donate at