Runners battle stifling heat at Kilburn Feast

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It was a scorcher at the Kilburn Feast Seven Mile race near Thirsk, in which 11 Bridlington Road Runners took part and which was the fourth race in the Bridlington Road Runners’ Summer League.

Peter Gulc was the first Bridlington runner to finish, in 21st place with 46:13 and he was followed home by Andy Baker in a time of 49:21, in 36th position. Simon Ellerker, who thought that he had set off too quickly, had a time of 52:01, in 53rd place.

Sarah Wood was the first Bridlington woman in 55:34 and Judy Allison, 118th in 61:24, won the FV60 prize.

Also running were: Simon Porter (73rd) 55:01, Dave Foster (108th) 60:35, Stuart Atkinson (125th) 62:32, Andrea Parker (169th) 70:03, Kath Baxter (201st) 77:20 and Mark Loft (207th) 77:49.

Simon Porter won the club’s men’s handicap at Kilburn with Judy Allison the winner of the ladies handicap.

Leaders of the club’s Summer League are: Men: 1 Simon Ellerker 141 pts, 2 Simon Porter 139 pts and 3 Stuart Atkinson and Mark Loft both on 135 pts. Women :1 Judy Allison 56 pts, 2 Sarah Wood 52 pts, 3 Zoe Ellis 49 pts.

The final race of the summer league is the EHH Hedon four-mile event on July 23.