Round-the-clock darts marathon is a winner for Yorkshire Air Ambulance

DARTS MARATHON: The players who raised �300 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance at the Southcliff Hotel.
DARTS MARATHON: The players who raised �300 for Yorkshire Air Ambulance at the Southcliff Hotel.

A 24-hour charity darts marathon held at The Southcliff Hotel in Bridlington raised more than £300 for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Eighteen players took to the oche in one-hour spells, trying to score as many points as possible, with trophies on offer for highest score not a 180, highest score in one hour, lowest score in one hour, lowest score in one throw and for most hours of play

Three players were playing on the board at all times, except for the two hours between 6am and 8am when only two were involved.

The first 180 was scored after only 20 minutes by Andy Agars, but was soon followed by more from Tony Pilkington and Sean Devlin.

More 180s were scored through the night by Pete Bembrick, Gareth Lord (2) and Dave Bartlam (3), who also hit a 177 and a 171.

The only lady to hit a 180 was Lesley Agars, who also scored a few 140s.

Score totals were: Dave Bartlam 64424, Andy Agars 52187, Pete Bembrick 27981, Lesley Agars 23152, Carolyn Windsor 19568, Jason Carpenter 14237, Gareth Lord 13775 and Rich Andrew 12986, who amassed his total in only one hour.

Other players taking part, Tony Pilkington, Sean Devlin, John Ordworth, Shu Waterworth, Ian Johnson, Howard Berridge, Kalam Waites and Mike and Debbie Duffy, all scored below this but they were mostly only playing for an hour or two.

A total of 315,708 points were scored.

Some darts challenges were available throughout the weekend, the most popular being round the board on doubles, but with the numbers in different positions to normal.

Organised by local darts champion, this was fiercely contested to see who was fastest, with the lead changing several times between Jim Gordon and Graham Elvidge who set 3mins 55secs as the target to beat.

This stood for a couple of hours until pro Gary Robson managed it in 3:49, which remained unbeaten.

The four match boards, used for six hours each, were sponsored by The Greyhound, The Albion, The Coachman and Austins Paint and Body Shop.

As well as the players’ sponsorship and collection buckets, a raffle and Yorkshire Air Ambulance merchandise stall helped to boost the total further.

The organisers thanked the staff at the Southcliff Hotel for providing the room and looking after the players. The total raised was £300.48