Roller derby ref can’t resist playing

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ROLLER derby is taking off as a sport, and Bridlington’s Jamie Potter is getting involved as both a player and a referee.

Potter is a member of the Sheffield-based The Inhuman League and in July played at the Men’s European Roller Derby Championships in Birmingham.

He is also head referee for the Hull’s Angels women’s team, and has an important date coming up this month.

On November 25, the Hull’s Angels play at home against a Newcastle side. The Inhuman League are also playing a Scottish men’s team in the warm-up match

He said: “As a referee I work with other skating and non-skating officials to keep track of the score, any penalties the players commit and generally make sure it’s being played safely.

“It’s a full contact game so injuries can and do happen. The rules are quite complex with various interpretations so I’m always studying them. I referee at bouts featuring other teams as well as Hull’s own games.

“I joined The Inhuman League in Sheffield in February this year after I realised I was quite quick and nimble on my skates.

“There aren’t many men’s teams around so they’re the closest and we practise every Sunday in Hillsborough.

“I play mainly as a jammer so my task it to score points for the team, though I do enjoy blocking when I can.”

This month Hull’s Angels face the Newcastle Roller Girls’ Whippin’ Hinnies, who beat them by only 22 points in April.

The Inhuman League also played the opponents The Jakey Bites in Glasgow earlier in the year.

“We also play the European champions, Southern Discomfort, in Southend the week before, so we’re hoping we can come to Hull with a big victory under our belts,” added Potter.