Rich’s Review: ‘We showed great character’

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After last week’s game at Twickenham, and the euphoria afterwards, no disrespect to Knottingley but Saturday’s game seemed as if we were playing in an allotment.

The playing surface was cleared of the manure, and it was nicely placed at the side of the pitch.

Knottingley were playing for their Yorkshire One survival, therefore a large vociferous crowd had gathered.

Changes had to be made due to injury and unavailability. As you can imagine it was a slightly less focused warm- up, and we needed the first five minutes to realise Knottingley were a force to be reckoned with.

The game itself was end to end, with both sides, and the merry whistle blower making errors, but all in all it was a full blooded encounter. We were focusing on moving them about, while their tactics were far more direct, trying more brawn than brain.

When we moved the ball quickly and went through the phases, it was clear to see the difference in class, but Knottingley didn’t allow us the freedom to do this and therfore the game went right to the wire.

After leading for most of the game, we found ourselves losing going into the last 10, and to our credit showed great character to dig deep and win the game.

We have now gone into sixth place which, although not as high in the league as we would have liked, is far more respectable.

Dress code for Saturday is dresses and afros. Fines for non-compliance.