Rich’s Review: Doncaster Phoenix v Bridlington

Picture by Andrew Kempton
Picture by Andrew Kempton

The views of Bridlington coach Rich Girking after the 16-10 win at leaders Doncaster.

“The way we have defended recently, and the way our forwards have been playing, I knew we had a chance.

“When Doncaster came to Brid earlier in the season, although they beat us, we didn’t do too badly, other than giving away a few soft tries, so I knew we could win if we went with the right attitude.

“To go away from home and only concede 10 points, which included a penalty try, will always give you a chance. Scarborough, North Ribblesdale and now Doncaster have all been limited to 10 points against us.

“We competed well all game, especially at their line-outs, tackled well and our enthusiasm and work rate was good. We put them off their game and it got them more and more frustrated

“We had talked at training about keeping the ball, and taking them on round the edges and slowly getting penalties off them, and we did it in the second half.

“It was a fantastic result and just goes to show what we can achieve.

“We had Callum Cappleman back and Will Davies returned after six weeks with a try, but after winning away from home we have to get our feet back on the ground.

“We have Wath at home next and we are now getting to the stage where people will think we are favourites for games. The league table shows that we are not favourites and we will have to show the same level of enthusiasm and work rate to get a result.”