RICH’S REVIEW: bridlington v North Ribblesdale

Bridlington 18 North Ribblesdale 10
Bridlington 18 North Ribblesdale 10

The thoughts of Bridlington RUFC coach Rich Girking after victory over North Ribblesdale.

We have had really bad weather before but that was just extreme for about 10 minutes. We had hailstones the size of golf balls and then lightning.

I don’t think I have seen it so bad that the referee has brought the players off.

We weren’t playing particularly well in the first half so it gave me the chance to have a word with them.

I think we were a bit more prepared afterwards. We changed shirts at half time and came out stronger and got amongst them.

It is all about being tactically aware in games like that, that is what gets results. In the first half we never cleared our lines when we had chances to and there was a lot of action in our own 22.

But in training we have worked hard on our defense and we did superbly.

We were lucky that we had played the wind in the first half and when the storm came, the winds changed direction and was across the pitch in the second half.

In the second half we were fantastic, the forwards controlled everything and the backs defended well when they had to and we scored two cracking tries in teh conditions.

They had been 12 points ahead of us but now it is only eight, so we have started to claw the gap back a bit and we are a clear win away from the two teams below us.

We have four home games left and we are targetting these, trying to win them all.